I have to admit, Mikel.Space is just a hobby blog even I tried my best to get consistent in publishing a blog post every Wednesday. Writing is my ally during my stay abroad.

It’s been a while since I came from Saudi Arabia. It’s a rewarding experience to meet and hug my loved ones again after 26 months.

There’s just a problem creeping, though. I already filed an exit and promised the company and myself to never work again in the same country.

I’m applying again for another work abroad. All of my job applications are for Middle East countries except Saudi Arabia. Funny, I still got calls to work in the country I’m avoiding. Except, one I got last week from someone else’s referral — a company from Qatar.

I’m not against people working in Saudi Arabia. As an engineer, I’m starting to believe this country is the one where I could find the most opportunity. I’m grateful I got a lot of learning experiences in this wealthy country. The cultures and traditions taught me a lot of lessons about life.

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