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Five Lessons on Why Writing Is More Than Sustaining

Sustaining yourself to write is not a challenge. Yes, you read it right. After years of writing, I came to more realizations. More lessons on writing.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” ~Charles Bukowski

The real daunting challenges of writing is way more than sustaining.

In any activity either music, sports, or studying calculus (especially calculus), we come to the point of questioning ourselves. Why am I doing this?

At first, it’s pure bliss. Pure joy and satisfaction. But, as like human relationships, we can continue and felt stuck. And going nowhere.

There’s a point in our lives when the challenging goals turned into mundane tasks.

Then, you can’t help but ask yourself, “why?”

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Why You Don’t Say About Yourself Might Say More About You?

As of now, I’m here again at my favorite thinking place, the rooftop. Sitting in a comfy chair while sipping a cup of tea, I can see the calmness of the sky. I’m also with someone here for a while, I guessed he is an Indian. The clouds above is like this guy, smiling after I greeted him good morning. The breeze is telling me how great this day would be again.

Yep, I’m a weird guy who needs to feed his introversion. Isolation is a necessity to me. I’m not anti-social though I got some tendencies sometimes. This is the only way that I can think of to bring myself the most of my relationships.

Being a Catholic, Jesus Christ is my best model. He always has time to pray. I believe everyone needs to ponder. We need to stop from time-to-time and appreciate the divine beauty of our surroundings that we don’t usually recognize.

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