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My Roller Coaster Ride of Pursuing Freelancing Online Jobs (How I Failed and Still Love the Ride?)

More than seven years had passed since I first got the idea of earning online. Eventually, series of exciting and surprising events in my life took me to the word of the online freelancing job. The year was 2009; I read Brother Bo Sanchez’ blog post — about an event he’s promoting — a Two-Day TrulyRich Internet Marketing “Hands-On” Workshop.

I got excited with the idea of making extra income at the comforts of our house. At the same time, I felt heaviness in my gut — came from fear of the unknown.

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I Have to Take Writing Seriously I Should Quit Blogging

Have you ever think if all your efforts mean nothing? Did you take your work seriously, yet nobody noticed? But, you told yourself, “No sweat, I continue to (put here whatever you love to do) even no one notice it.”

You can play guitar at the garage, write a children’s book at the attic, or sing while sitting on the throne of the bathroom. But, we can’t deny there’s a proper timeline for every situation.

Given my current situation, I decided to quit on committing to publish a blog post every week. Still, I’m reading books (both physical and digital). I’ll continue listening to inspiring talks, expert interviews, and educational podcasts. Also, I’m still writing at least 500 words a day. And of course, I’ll still publish a blog post from time to time.

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