I have to admit, Mikel.Space is just a hobby blog even I tried my best to get consistent in publishing a blog post every Wednesday. Writing is my ally during my stay abroad.

It’s been a while since I came from Saudi Arabia. It’s a rewarding experience to meet and hug my loved ones again after 26 months.

There’s just a problem creeping, though. I already filed an exit and promised the company and myself to never work again in the same country.

I’m applying again for another work abroad. All of my job applications are for Middle East countries except Saudi Arabia. Funny, I still got calls to work in the country I’m avoiding. Except, one I got last week from someone else’s referral — a company from Qatar.

I’m not against people working in Saudi Arabia. As an engineer, I’m starting to believe this country is the one where I could find the most opportunity. I’m grateful I got a lot of learning experiences in this wealthy country. The cultures and traditions taught me a lot of lessons about life.

The Hobbyist Blogger Becoming a Beggar

I couldn’t get over to the story of Jon Morrow. He’s a successful blogger despite his physical limitations — he can only move his face. As of this writing, he is the CEO of his company.

You could also check the story of the late Helen Keller. She’s only 19 months old when she got an illness called “brain fever.” As a result, she lost her sense of sight and hearing. Still, with the help of a devoted teacher, she became one of the most accomplished women in history. She graduated cum laude in college and wrote a book. She’s also a social activist, not to mention all the awards she received and her remarkable international influence.

I’ve made a lot of hard decisions in life. I have my sets of limitations and difficulties. But, compared to them, I would look like a crying kindergarten who accidentally dropped his lollipop.

How could I whine and complain always? There’s always something we can do, right?

I’m happy I already posted blog posts and typed thousands of words. These were unthinkable for me before.

I could congratulate myself. Or, I would say, I should. If I’ll listen to my emotions, it’s so easy to tell myself I’m on a lonely journey.

Yes, I’ve done enough. But, I have to admit, typing on my laptop gave some sense of guilt.

Last Sunday evening, my mother took the first day of her part-time job. She told me her job is packing soaps in boxes. She did it to help amends the family financial needs.

I got few amounts of money left. In one or two months without a job, then I’m as rich as a beggar.

Here I am, jobless for months and still have the gall to write. For what? For a hobby of blogging?


Where Is the Value for You, My Dear Reader?

Still, if you’re also blogging as a hobby, go for it. Many times on this blog, I already wrote to do your thing without permission. By all means, do it if it blesses your life and the world.

“And the most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work — do a huge volume of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week, or every month, you know you’re going to finish one story. Because it’s only by actually going through a volume of work that you are actually going to catch up and close that gap. And the work you’re making will be as good as your ambitions.” ~Ira Glass

Source: Maria Popova, from her blog post “The Taste Gap: Ira Glass on the Secret of Creative Success, Animated in Living Typography” (Subscribe to her blog)

Many creative people quit as their taste is not yet satisfied. Impatience creeps in. Disillusioned to perfectionism, they quit.

How could we blame them? Tough decisions are both physical and emotional. Our spirits crushed with seemingly impossible circumstances. Passion fades away in the face of the comfortable status quo.

I don’t know in how many different ways did I mentioned this on my blog — I want to create value for my readers. But, up to now, it seems the value I’m giving is only for myself.

I improved my writing skill. Get familiarized with grammar. And I gained more self-confidence as a writer. But, for the reader, what did I gave? My honest corny answer: my time, heart, sincerity and vulnerability.

The world doesn’t need an abstract and vague message. I know I should create something more valuable.

It’s also the time to do something to help me and my family live a decent life. Sadly, a hobby blog is not enough.


Avoid Disappointment in Writing

What is the best way to avoid disappointment in writing?

Write for yourself.

Maybe, you felt alone in writing, in reality, you are not. Me? I’ll just write for myself — at least for now. I got a long road to maturity and selflessness.

You should also remember to ask yourself, why? The deeper the “why” is, the better you can find a way. The longer you can sustain.

“People lose their way when they lose their why.” ~Michael Hyatt

But, we should not neglect the seasons of our life. Are you a mother with young kids? Then first take a good care for the needs of your children.

Are you broke? Then don’t buy things out of your whims.

Are you jobless? Then apply for one.

Did your business shreds into pieces? Then stand-up, learn from mistakes and build another.

All these things I’m suggesting are common sense advice — this is why I got a mediocre blog. According to Jon Morrow, common sense advice is boring.


Learn to Listen From Virtual Mentors

We couldn’t invent the wheel for one ridiculous reason  — ancient people invented it thousands of years ago. There are millions of learning websites about anything you can imagine. The best path to despair is learning from scratch. Someone already has what we need who’s willing to teach.

If you need motivation, go to Brendon Burchard.

If you need practical Catholic (even non-Catholic) spiritual directions, go to Bro.Bo Sanchez. I also learned from his financial advice.

If you are a Filipino wanting to learn online work, go to Jomar Hilario.

Need to reignite your passion in writing? Check  Jeff Goins’ blog.

If you decided to take blogging, to the next level,  you could learn from Jon Morrow’s site SmartBlogger.

For publishing, creating an online platform (e.g. blog, YouTube channel, podcast), leadership and productivity — Michael Hyatt is the guy.

Most of my mentors’ teachings, I learned from listening to podcasts.

Last week, I joined Michael Hyatt’s webinar about blogging.

One of the lessons I learned from a Jon Morrow’s blog post entitled “20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger Nobody Gives a Crap About” is to set at least 2000 words as a minimum.

After reading Jon’s article, I’m convinced to make a 2,000-word blog post today. I’ll make another next week.

Also yesterday, I sent a private message in one of the known copywriters in the Philippines, Carl Dexter Arceo. He is the go-to guy when it comes to finding an effective copywriter.

I asked him questions about the right career path. He suggests I first pursue article writing. So, I will do what he suggests.

I’m still in the planting season, and I don’t care if it takes long before I get the harvests.

I’ll just enjoy the journey of writing.


The Default Mode

When you are in the checkout line of the grocery, what are you thinking? What kind of things are you paying attention? Below is a video interpretation of Foster Wallace’s commencement speech. Watching this will give you a great understanding of what default mode means.


In short, the default mode is the easy path. Complaining and blaming is easier than taking full responsibility. It doesn’t take a special person to get mad in a routine and boring situation. But, it makes a real deal of effort to pay attention to what matter most at the moment. And have a good use of our education.

The default mode is also the path of studying hard and get a high-paying job. Same as doing status quo’s expectation of us instead of the desires of our heart. If smartphones have factory default settings, so as our lives.

Are you in default mode?


My Realization on Giving Value to Others

“And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” ~Matthew 22:39, NIV

Yesterday, most people, especially romantic couples celebrated Valentine’s Day. A great day to celebrate some of the couples’ romantic relationships.

For some, they called the day, SAD. Short for Single Awareness Day. By the way, I’m fully aware. Every day.

I never had any romantic relationship. If you’re looking for a late bloomer, you’re reading his writing now.

For someone who has a potential to gain a Guinness’ world record as the shyest (not sure if this word exists) person in the history of humankind, this is not a surprise. I’m always exaggerating with regards to my social awkwardness. I just do it for rhetorical effect. Or at least to give you an idea of how scared I was to talk to people.

I loved remembering the glorious past life of mine. It makes me feel grateful every time. I’m still afraid and always will. I acknowledge fear, but no need to overrate it.

I’m not bitter. I’m happy knowing lots of my friends enjoying the day. Almost a whole day, I’m just inside our house. I saw Facebook posts of pictures of flowers and chocolates. Sweet, huh?

I accept I’m weird. I just need to use this weirdness of mine in a right way.

“Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” ~Jim Rohn

It is my fault why I never had any romantic relationship. I’m not that old. But, some of the people of my age, I know who have already three or four children. Some are happily married and veteran in family matters.

It feels good though I could take advantage of my situation. 🙂


I Can’t Give What I Don’t Have

I got a lot of rooms to improve and love myself.

I’m at peace. I’m happy with what I have and whom I with — my family. But, I’m not content. Seems to contradict, but I tell you it’s not.

The great realization is: I can’t give what I don’t have. Unless I could love myself enough, I could not love someone else enough.

Same with writing. The reason this is hobby blog where I’m just talking to myself is I haven’t given enough value.

At least, I’m thinking of getting the value that I can give to people I want to serve in the future.

Every day is a chance to love. Valentine’s Day or not, we must take awareness of life full of beauty and love. Take the imperfect love of broken people like you and me.

A relationship is a place of giving and not taking. But, to give, we must have something to offer.

As of now, my way of writing is the only service I can provide for you. If you want to suggest something, please leave a comment. I’ll be thrilled. Promise. 🙂


An Ego-Booster or Stubbornness for the Sake of Love

The internet has all the answers we need. The problem now is to whom to trust.

Then why there’s still a lot of people taking the time to put their thought in a blog?

If they want to help, then why they just refer them to people who are most capable of helping?

By the way, these are the questions for myself. Instead of talking to myself and telling my stories with the same situations in a different way, I’ll just refer what helps me. And hopefully, it would help you too.

I suggest you check all the names I mentioned above. Some of them you might know already. These are names I followed for at least five years (except for John Morrow, whom I just discovered last month).

If you are a Filipino, who want to know an (Overseas Filipino Worker) OFW who got the courage to come back and work in the Philippines for good, watch Jomar Hilario’s interview for Sheryl Tapon. She is also pursuing online work. She is from Singapore who has not yet any work but determined enough.

Talking about courage and determination, she is the man. Or I mean the woman.

I apologized if I make this blog as a means to “boost my ego.” I paraphrase it as to “boost my confidence.”

But, I will continue to write no matter what. At least in my life, I could tell myself to get consistent once and for all.

I want to become more so I can give more. I want to love myself so that I can give more love. If I have to risk an image of an idiot and stubborn, so be it. For the sake of love, I should take the chance.

A small price to pay.


Love is Discontentment, Yet Happy

I’m not talking about the romantic love most people celebrated yesterday. But, the kind of love where I only want the better life for someone.

Forgive me of my egotistic approach in blogging. I’m a guy who’s still confused, but still struggling to give. Learning to love the way God does — pure and unconditional.

Sorry for my lack of practical stories. The most useful thing I can suggest is to follow my mentors.

I’m afraid of continuing. I got a lot of practical reasons to consider first.

Continue pursuing what you’re supposed to do. You might get the label as egotistic, but it is only you who knows better. Your heart is bigger than your ego.

Your intention matter. Rooted from your deepest “why.” If you have enough reason to continue, then there’s no excuse to stop. Maybe, stop for a while to rethink and reconsider your values and priorities. But, don’t stop entirely.

Yes, this is why it is possible not to have contentment and yet happy — this is what love is all about. I got the idea from Bro.Bo Sanchez.

Life is good. And all ours for the taking. We just need to take action.

Learn from someone already have what you wanted to get. Apply your mentors’ lessons. Fail and improve. Then you will succeed. I’m not yet successful in the eyes of the world. If you’re like me, we are both on the success journey.

Believe in yourself, and you’ve already done half of the work for success.