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I Have to Take Writing Seriously I Should Quit Blogging

Have you ever think if all your efforts mean nothing? Did you take your work seriously, yet nobody noticed? But, you told yourself, “No sweat, I continue to (put here whatever you love to do) even no one notice it.”

You can play guitar at the garage, write a children’s book at the attic, or sing while sitting on the throne of the bathroom. But, we can’t deny there’s a proper timeline for every situation.

Given my current situation, I decided to quit on committing to publish a blog post every week. Still, I’m reading books (both physical and digital). I’ll continue listening to inspiring talks, expert interviews, and educational podcasts. Also, I’m still writing at least 500 words a day. And of course, I’ll still publish a blog post from time to time.

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Five Lessons on Why Writing Is More Than Sustaining

Sustaining yourself to write is not a challenge. Yes, you read it right. After years of writing, I came to more realizations. More lessons on writing.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” ~Charles Bukowski

The real daunting challenges of writing is way more than sustaining.

In any activity either music, sports, or studying calculus (especially calculus), we come to the point of questioning ourselves. Why am I doing this?

At first, it’s pure bliss. Pure joy and satisfaction. But, as like human relationships, we can continue and felt stuck. And going nowhere.

There’s a point in our lives when the challenging goals turned into mundane tasks.

Then, you can’t help but ask yourself, “why?”

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Seven Years Passed, Earned Less Than $100, Why I’m Still Writing?

In my first blog post, I wrote I first met my mentor Jomar Hilario. I read in the newsletter of Brother Bo Sanchez about internet marketing workshop.

I can say Brother Bo is arguably the most famous Catholic lay preacher in the Philippines. He is also well-known in many parts of the world. Most likely the one reading this blog post already knew him. If not, then type his name in Google search engine. You’ll find for yourself how he already conquered the cyberspace. All these to spread the message of the love of God.

When I was still in college, I first accidentally watched him preached on television. From then on, as many others, I never stop following him.

In the third quarter of the year 2009, I read Brother Bo wrote a blog post introducing Jomar teaching internet marketing, I get excited and afraid. It is timely as I’m looking for other means of income. But, I have no idea about internet marketing.

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How Pain Helps Me to Write More While in Saudi Arabia?

I spent 26  months of my life in Saudi Arabia. Two days ago, I finally set my feet on the ground of my homeland — the Philippines.

I don’t know how to tell you enough all my experiences in Saudi Arabia. My life journey in the middle of the desert pushed myself to the limits. The physical and emotional struggles are painful to bear.

Too painful I had to hold on to my faith. Which is good by the way.

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Why Should We Write (or Have Passion on Something) Again?

It’s been a while since my last blog post — January of the year 2015. After more than a year not writing a thing, I can say I’m a changed man. I now know how much little I know. Though I know the fact before, my experiences validated it more.

I sacrificed a lot. Sweat. Tears. Blood sometimes.

Oops! Sorry for the dramatic entrance. 🙂

Yep, same as you, I gained more hard-earned life experiences. These past one year and nine months without blogging is a blast.

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The Sadness of Being Away and How Writing Might Help

I have some financial problems that I had left in my country. If not, I’m not here in Saudi Arabia typing these words in the first place.

I and many overseas workers have to endure the sadness of not being physically present with our loved ones. The truth, some families didn’t survive the long-distance relationship even in this digital age. With social media sites and video-chatting, still, nothing beats personal human interaction. Nothing would. Nothing should.

Since I got here, not once did I video-chat my family. For the record, I just called my mother on her mobile phone thrice and all of them last not more than ten minutes. From time-to-time, I send private messages to her to make her at peace.

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Why It’s Hard to Write When It Should Be Easy (and Vice-versa)?

It is already cold outside at past ten in the evening. Musing at the rooftop is not that effective anymore. In just a span of a week, the temperature suddenly drops from scorching desert to almost winter cold.

I also found out that the mobile phone that I’m using for years has wi-fi hotspot. That was just six days ago. Maybe I’m noticing it but ignorant of its uses. Now, my tablet can get an internet connection from my mobile phone’s wi-fi source.

This is enough breakthrough for me. It’s no joke to publish a blog using my mobile phone. Even though I have small fingers, still it’s challenging.

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Why Should You Not Stop Writing Because of Grammar and Spelling Mistakes?

My only means of internet connection as of this writing is almost through my mobile phone. I downloaded the WordPress app but I got some security issues. About this two-step authentication in logging-in, so it was no use. My Samsung Galaxy Young mobile phone model can’t handle blog posting through internet browsers. (Milestone: this is my geekiest paragraph so far in this blog)

I got frustrated for about four seconds, after that, I’m relieved for helplessness.

Good thing there’s someone here, the new-comer in our apartment that has a Samsung Tab3 tablet that happens to have an internet connection.

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How to Take Writing as Art and Proofreading as Science?

I’m an avid reader. I also love to listen to Audiobooks and podcast. Currently, I’m in paradise because I have all the time in the world to absorb ideas from books and audio teachings. This morning I just read an e-book from Leah McClellan entitled “The Simple Writing Writer’s Guide.”

With the subtitle “A Handy Reference For Punctuation and Grammar.” Reading that title and subtitle, I know I found what I’m looking for.

If you want the free e-book, you can go to This is a gem for beginners like me.

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The 12 Reasons You’re Not Writing Besides Writer’s Block

Since yesterday I was watching anime to relax. I know I can and I should write. Having all the time in the world, why I didn’t write?

The truth is I have written something hours before this blog post. I did the digital journaling with Diaro app on my tablet. I didn’t write yesterday, I read books from Austin Kleon entitled “Show Your Work” and “Steal Like An Artist” instead.

I want to honor myself by relaxing through reading and watching anime. I just want to enjoy myself. To come back to my senses in writing, I thought so.

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