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My Roller Coaster Ride of Pursuing Freelancing Online Jobs (How I Failed and Still Love the Ride?)

More than seven years had passed since I first got the idea of earning online. Eventually, series of exciting and surprising events in my life took me to the word of the online freelancing job. The year was 2009; I read Brother Bo Sanchez’ blog post — about an event he’s promoting — a Two-Day TrulyRich Internet Marketing “Hands-On” Workshop.

I got excited with the idea of making extra income at the comforts of our house. At the same time, I felt heaviness in my gut — came from fear of the unknown.

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The Eight Lessons I Learned After 40 Blog Posts

Same as the food we eat and air we breathe, lessons make our life possible — and explore more possibilities. In the Philippines, summer had already started. After the solemnity of the Holy Week, people hurried for guilt-free vacation getaways.

Facebook posts of my friends’ travel pictures invade my waking hours. Most of the days I’m at home. Except, yesterday as I came from Dampalitan Beach in Quezon Province. My shoestring budget is enough to travel there. Yep, I’m not pretending as a person with lots of money to spare.

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I’m Sorry for the Lack of Practical Stories of My Hobby Blog

I have to admit, Mikel.Space is just a hobby blog even I tried my best to get consistent in publishing a blog post every Wednesday. Writing is my ally during my stay abroad.

It’s been a while since I came from Saudi Arabia. It’s a rewarding experience to meet and hug my loved ones again after 26 months.

There’s just a problem creeping, though. I already filed an exit and promised the company and myself to never work again in the same country.

I’m applying again for another work abroad. All of my job applications are for Middle East countries except Saudi Arabia. Funny, I still got calls to work in the country I’m avoiding. Except, one I got last week from someone else’s referral — a company from Qatar.

I’m not against people working in Saudi Arabia. As an engineer, I’m starting to believe this country is the one where I could find the most opportunity. I’m grateful I got a lot of learning experiences in this wealthy country. The cultures and traditions taught me a lot of lessons about life.

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How a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face Slapped Me in My Face?

This blog post is an inspiration from Jon Morrow.

Yesterday, I was not able to write any to prepare a blog post this one whole week. Yes, one week’s passed, and I got nothing to show you. Only today, ten in the morning I started to write.

This article you’re reading is my 36th blog posts. Not impressive for a two-year-old blog. If I just post every week from the birth of this blog, I already posted more than a hundred. But, the point is not how many words I already crafted.

The question is “am I able to help even just one reader with this blog?”

“In what way?” and “how could I help if I don’t?”

As of now, I only knew ONE I’m sure I already helped a lot. Myself.

Writing is my way of expressing myself in a way I can’t in a personal conversation.

I already said all my struggles as a writer. Even calling myself a writer is a struggle. I felt I’m just fooling myself.

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Why Don’t You Have to Feel Guilty About Not Knowing Things?

More than two years ago, I was applying to work abroad. It is fascinating I’m doing the exact thing now. Many know the challenge of finding a work abroad. Especially, for the first timers. This is my second time, but it was almost the same feeling. The same frustration and anxiety if I could pull it off again — find another work abroad. Hopefully, with higher pay.

This is the blog post I don’t want my potential employers to read. I’ll tell it to you anyway. For more than two years straight working in Saudi Arabia, I still don’t feel I’m confident enough. I’ve done things I have no idea I could do. I made a lot of arguments to defend myself. And yet, I felt those were not enough. I felt I’m still an undergraduate in B.S. Working Abroad.

Good thing I learned through life to do things afraid. To not rely too much on my confident feelings. And walk inside the unknown tunnel trusting there’s a light of hope at the end.

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How to Make Waiting as Beautiful Parts of Our Lives?

I was not able to make a blog post last week. There are glitches — both technical and human. I was in a different place. There’s an internet connection as slow as a disabled snail stuck in the mud. Also, for four consecutive nights, I drunk beer, wine, and brandy. Also, Coca-Cola and Sprite. By the way, I don’t write drunk.

“Write drunk, edit sober.” ~Anonymous, not Ernest Hemingway

My father just came in an untimely manner. Same as I am, he’s also an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). The big difference though is I was an OFW, while he is still one. In short, he just took a leave; I filed an exit.

We both go to Ilocos Norte Province located in the extreme northern part of the Philippines.

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When You’re More Creative on Procrastination and What to Think Instead

Last Sunday, I finally celebrated Christmas in the Philippines. I finished my two-year contract in Saudi Arabia and filed an exit. No more plans of coming back. I’ll try other countries. I want to experience another culture that’s way different from mine. Again.

We all experienced one way or the other how it’s hard to do things that we planned ourselves. Instead of studying, we watched television or YouTube. We’re online in Facebook Messenger instead of doing that overdue thesis.

I finally met most of my relatives and some of my friends. I admit this makes me think not to write a blog post. Make an exemption just for this week. But, I remember how I felt when I abandoned my blog for more than a year.  I also wrote last week consistency is better than cleverness.

This article is my weekly due to my commitment — post in my blog every Wednesday. Perhaps also to my ego. To tell myself I did what I told myself I should do. Even if nobody cares except me.

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How Listening to Podcast Makes Me Fall in Love With My Laundry?

“It is in the ordinary events of every day that we develop the proactive capacity to handle the extraordinary pressures of life” ~From Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

Laundry + Podcast = Life Changing Education, huh?

Oops, I can’t help myself to put equation for this blog post. I’m an engineer after all. An odd kind of engineer.

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Why Saying “No” Will Bring You Freedom?

“When you say ‘yes’ to others make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.” —Paulo Coelho

Everyone knows there are times it is tough to say “no” to someone. There are also times we hate it when people say “no” to our demands. We felt rejected, right?

I’ll tell you my recent story. The freedom and consequences of this two-lettered word.

My job contract was already finished last October. I should be blogging already in the comforts of my home country.

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Three Not-So-Techie Ways to Start Writing Now With Zero Distractions

Before I work here in Saudi Arabia, I’m already blogging. In fact, I lose count how many did I abandon already. For now, this blog is the only one I’m updating.

I work ten hours a day. For six days a week. That’s already a lot of time. Sometimes, I work even more.

It doesn’t even include the time I take for other important things. Laundry. Iron-pressing of clothes. Cooking. Taking a bath. Buying foods in the market.

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I computed my remaining free time.

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