Hi! My warmest welcome to you! Thanks for landing on this site — my simple space.


My best place to write. Our family eats there, too. 🙂

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello! I’m Paul Michael “Mikel” Dumlao. Just call me Mikel please. 🙂 I blog as one of the ways to learn to write. Learning shouldn’t stop. Do we have a choice?

I’m not a toddler who’s barely starting to learn to write his ABC’s. I’m a grown-up in his early thirties in the journey of writing essays. For fun, finding my writing voice, and knowing myself more. My selfish motives.

I’m an electrical engineer making the most from the internet to improve my writing skills.

I have other blogs before I abandoned all of them.

I had to fight off this voice telling me “who do you think you are?”

There’s a need: to take a rebellion. I need to fight myself. Resist my tendencies of being a chronic people-pleaser. Shun my aversion to criticisms.

When I’m not using my gifts, I’m hurting myself and God and the world and you. We are all connected more than we can ever imagine.

I’ll just start even I feel I’m not ready.


Believe in me. I’m a construction worker. 🙂

Why Should You Read My Blog?

I created this blog in the year 2014 while still in the Philippines. Then, I worked in Saudi Arabia for two years. A newborn OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) arises. I worked as an Electrical Quality Control Inspector for a small construction establishment and finished the contract accordingly.

Now, I came back to the Philippines. Still, looking for another work abroad.

Yes, this is a personal blog. My worldview, struggles, and conquered fears. Lessons I learned. Failures I commit.

I’m an ordinary worker (read: construction worker). I lived in a country with a culture way different than mine. Away from the comforts I’ve known since birth.

This blog is not just about me. It’s also about you. We can’t imagine how people connects in different and surprising ways.

I desire to connect my message to you. Challenge each other to pay attention, between the seemingly dull routines of life.

To fail a few (even a lot of) times is normal.   We can start a conversation to learn from each other.

What does a Filipino engineer in the construction sites of Saudi Arabia could find? Something more valuable than oil and money. The real value of things and moments we mostly took for granted.

What more to discover at life in the future?

More Reasons to Consider

So why bother reading this blog? Maybe, I’m not clear in giving you the right reasons. Hopefully, the following are enough:

  • For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who wants to relate his life to mine. I’m new in this category. If you’re a veteran, perhaps vice-versa, I need to resonate with your life story.
  • For Filipinos who’s planning to work abroad and wanted to know what’s to expect. Warning: I’m just one of the millions of puzzle pieces of OFWs’ lives. It’s impossible to see the whole picture. Though, my piece was the same shape with the lives of thousands of others.
  • For writers who quits and now wondering if it is still worth the time to write again. Just for the love of the craft.
  • For people who want to meet the writer hidden in himself/herself. Call yourself a writer then starts to write. I know it’s ridiculously simple. We are on the same journey.
  • Also, for my family and friends. I’m not quite talkative in person. Perhaps, they can understand what’s inside this three-pound fluffy brains and blood pumper of mine called the heart. In short, I hope I can stay in touch more of people in my way. Background Music: Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”


At the top of the double-decked bed in Saudi Arabia. My simple space for writing (or typing).


The Abused Word: Authenticity

I promise to share you my authentic journey to learn better writing. In the blogging world, authenticity is an abused word. And I will abuse it more if it will give us (me as a writer and you as a reader) connections somehow.

I have to put down my guard and be vulnerable. A human has flaws and shortcomings. I know it’s scary, it’s my way of giving.

I’m praying to God for discernment so I could still put my boundaries. I won’t give you the password of my Facebook account. I won’t tell you stories that could hurt the reputation of anyone without permission. Unless I’m ready, I won’t post anything to give my employer a reason to fire me. (Note: as of now, I don’t have any employer)

I’ll do my best to be authentic, yet respectful. I made a personal blog, not a personal journal. Skeletons will be kept in my closet — slowly opening the doors as I gain more courage in life.

Authenticity has never been about being a jerk. Everyone has different journeys and realities. We don’t say any words we want just for the sake of being true to ourselves. To be yourself is good. To explore ourselves so we become more than who we are now is better. In short, authenticity is just a mean, not the end. It should help people for the better.

I’m wondering how to get free online time to publish my blog posts. Plus, I also have to resolve my personal life issues. It’s common in the culture of my country. Out of love for their families, many Filipinos leave for better opportunities.

Filipinos are one of the best employees in the world. This truth is great but unfortunate. I’m looking forward when OFWs’ talents will benefit more of my country. Not just with our remittances.

Well, who am I to tell you this? I also experienced working outside of my country. But, there’s nothing wrong to dream, right?

You Can Follow My Blog

I admit I’m in the process of learning how to give value to you through this blog.

As of now, you can follow my blog via email.

Click to “Follow” via email.


My final quote to justify (as if I have to) myself writing.


Now, what?

By now, I just write. Practice more.

There are many ways to learn how to write. This blog is a safe starting place — a space to ponder, wander, and wonder.

If you’re still reading until here, then I’m more than grateful saying: “Thanks again for sharing your valuable time.”

Then you’re awesome.

God bless you. 🙂


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