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Month: January 2017

Seven Years Passed, Earned Less Than $100, Why I’m Still Writing?

In my first blog post, I wrote I first met my mentor Jomar Hilario. I read in the newsletter of Brother Bo Sanchez about internet marketing workshop.

I can say Brother Bo is arguably the most famous Catholic lay preacher in the Philippines. He is also well-known in many parts of the world. Most likely the one reading this blog post already knew him. If not, then type his name in Google search engine. You’ll find for yourself how he already conquered the cyberspace. All these to spread the message of the love of God.

When I was still in college, I first accidentally watched him preached on television. From then on, as many others, I never stop following him.

In the third quarter of the year 2009, I read Brother Bo wrote a blog post introducing Jomar teaching internet marketing, I get excited and afraid. It is timely as I’m looking for other means of income. But, I have no idea about internet marketing.

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How to Make Waiting as Beautiful Parts of Our Lives?

I was not able to make a blog post last week. There are glitches — both technical and human. I was in a different place. There’s an internet connection as slow as a disabled snail stuck in the mud. Also, for four consecutive nights, I drunk beer, wine, and brandy. Also, Coca-Cola and Sprite. By the way, I don’t write drunk.

“Write drunk, edit sober.” ~Anonymous, not Ernest Hemingway

My father just came in an untimely manner. Same as I am, he’s also an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). The big difference though is I was an OFW, while he is still one. In short, he just took a leave; I filed an exit.

We both go to Ilocos Norte Province located in the extreme northern part of the Philippines.

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The Big Differences: Holidays in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines

December 18, 2016 — the date when I last set my feet on the Arabian grounds I lived for 26 months.

When you hear the word “holiday” in Saudi Arabia, there are only three events in the minds of the majority of the population. Those would be the end of Ramadan (also known as Eid al-Fitr), Eid Al Adha, and Saudi National Day. Don’t worry if you have no idea about them. Up to now, I’m still not so familiar with these event names. I consulted Google for the correct spelling (of course, except for the Saudi National Day, spellchecker will handle that).

One of the benefits of living in an unknown culture is I appreciate more the culture I grew up since birth.

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