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Month: January 2015

When Is Enough, Enough? (and a Goodbye for Now)

We all have lots of firsts in life. Flying to work abroad is a sure way to get a bunch of those. I got a tough week which is a good thing. The physical and emotional struggle makes me stronger. I confessed, though, that many times I come to think to regret all of my (with the great help of my mother and grandmother, another story) efforts just to be where I am now.

I might be quite expressive in writing. But, in real life, I’m just barely starting to learn to express myself without any means of internet connection. To be more intimate with people through personal conversation.

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Unconventional Lessons From the Story of the Three Wise Men

Supposedly, I had published this blog post last Monday, but all of the words I typed in my electronic tablet suddenly gone. I’ve been writing about this from Sunday evening that’s why I got frustrated. The funny thing is, it is all my fault, well, is there someone else?

I was so desperate in making my companion gadget to work faster. Being a geek-wannabe, I tried to fix it up. I accidentally delete all my Diaro app journal entries, so as my write-ups in this blog.

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