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Month: November 2014

Why You Should Follow My Mother’s Simplest and Greatest Advice?

Last night, I lay down in my bed who is talking to me. I think he is telling me to lean my back to him and shut my eyes ’till tomorrow morning. But then, my electronic tablet is also telling me something else. He is reminding me of our daily conversations — to either write a journal in a Diaro app or write a blog post. I’m not a bed whisperer. My tablet doesn’t have any talking apps. I just imagined them longing for someone to talk to. Or maybe it’s me who is longing.

Please don’t panic on me. I don’t have a Van Gogh syndrome, as named from a famous painter. Vincent Van Gogh was also known for cutting off his ear to give to a prostitute. Creative people were bound to be misunderstood. If this is true (which probably is because of his painting “Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear”), then I’m not creative enough to understand this act except that he has a mental illness. I suggest we should just remember him more for being an incredibly creative artist than a self-mutilating schizophrenic (yep, I checked the spelling).

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Why Taking Selfies Is Good for You?

Here’s a profound topic that will change the world for the better. Yes, I still had delusions. I think the first person who took a picture of himself was so bored with his friends and neighbors. People are so pleased with themselves nowadays. Self-taken pictures were uploaded to social media for others to see. For the sake of “Facebook Likes and Comments,” many people became obsessed with themselves.

Why would someone want himself so much? Are they narcissist?

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Why You Don’t Say About Yourself Might Say More About You?

As of now, I’m here again at my favorite thinking place, the rooftop. Sitting in a comfy chair while sipping a cup of tea, I can see the calmness of the sky. I’m also with someone here for a while, I guessed he is an Indian. The clouds above is like this guy, smiling after I greeted him good morning. The breeze is telling me how great this day would be again.

Yep, I’m a weird guy who needs to feed his introversion. Isolation is a necessity to me. I’m not anti-social though I got some tendencies sometimes. This is the only way that I can think of to bring myself the most of my relationships.

Being a Catholic, Jesus Christ is my best model. He always has time to pray. I believe everyone needs to ponder. We need to stop from time-to-time and appreciate the divine beauty of our surroundings that we don’t usually recognize.

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The Sadness of Being Away and How Writing Might Help

I have some financial problems that I had left in my country. If not, I’m not here in Saudi Arabia typing these words in the first place.

I and many overseas workers have to endure the sadness of not being physically present with our loved ones. The truth, some families didn’t survive the long-distance relationship even in this digital age. With social media sites and video-chatting, still, nothing beats personal human interaction. Nothing would. Nothing should.

Since I got here, not once did I video-chat my family. For the record, I just called my mother on her mobile phone thrice and all of them last not more than ten minutes. From time-to-time, I send private messages to her to make her at peace.

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Why It’s Hard to Write When It Should Be Easy (and Vice-versa)?

It is already cold outside at past ten in the evening. Musing at the rooftop is not that effective anymore. In just a span of a week, the temperature suddenly drops from scorching desert to almost winter cold.

I also found out that the mobile phone that I’m using for years has wi-fi hotspot. That was just six days ago. Maybe I’m noticing it but ignorant of its uses. Now, my tablet can get an internet connection from my mobile phone’s wi-fi source.

This is enough breakthrough for me. It’s no joke to publish a blog using my mobile phone. Even though I have small fingers, still it’s challenging.

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What Lessons the Rooftop of Saudi Arabia Is Teaching Us About Life?

Our apartment is on the third floor, next is the rooftop where I’ m in right now. This is the best place that I can find for musings. With one Pakistani that is far for me to be bothered, I was at peace. At eleven in the morning, the wind is slightly felt, the birds are chirping and the sun’s heat was dominating. I think God is pampering me as I’m sitting on a sofa. Yep, a simple surprise, a sofa set plus a bed right here. Though worn-out, these are all great means of comfort.

I’m also hearing loud prayers. Literally loud prayers. We are surrounded by Mosques with high towers with megaphones. I don’t understand them but I can feel the solemnity and devotion of our Muslim brothers and sisters. This happens five times a day. So as I had observed, Muslims prayed in five different specific hours every single day. They have an incredible commitment to God.

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