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Month: October 2014

Why Should You Not Stop Writing Because of Grammar and Spelling Mistakes?

My only means of internet connection as of this writing is almost through my mobile phone. I downloaded the WordPress app but I got some security issues. About this two-step authentication in logging-in, so it was no use. My Samsung Galaxy Young mobile phone model can’t handle blog posting through internet browsers. (Milestone: this is my geekiest paragraph so far in this blog)

I got frustrated for about four seconds, after that, I’m relieved for helplessness.

Good thing there’s someone here, the new-comer in our apartment that has a Samsung Tab3 tablet that happens to have an internet connection.

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Why Are We Still Surprised With Anticipated Events?

People come, people go. We knew it. That’s the obvious part of living. The saying “common sense is not a common practice” holds some truth, though.

Last Monday, another fellow came into our apartment. One more for the pack of Filipinos searching for greener pasture in the desert. Then just this morning, a guy visited us carrying this purpose—to bring someone to Jizan (another province in Saudi Arabia) to finally get his feet to work. It’s sudden and I learned that this is normal in Saudi Arabia.

This is sad because of just the night before, he, the one who have to leave, had a one-to-one conversation with me. He told me about his family, the death of his father and the anticipation for his homecoming this March of 2014. With his years of working experience here, he gave me a glimpse of what is like to be away from home for a long time.

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Why Do You Need to Decide on Your Own?

Another day which might be almost the same again. I’m not complaining, it just happens that it’s not hard to recognize the patterns of our days here in Saudi Arabia. My last blog post may explain why.

In the Philippines, no work no pay is the common policy. Here, no work but still with pay. That calms my mother, me as well.

Writing in my Android journal app “Diaro” and in this blog makes my day. Similar to what Flannery O’ Connor says — “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say,” my thoughts was cleared once I saw them.

The spaghetti thoughts that swirling in my brain lined-up in a digital format using my tablet. I got some slight problem, I’m too shy to abuse my friend here who has a laptop and the internet. I think I must challenge myself to have my own.

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How to Adjust in the First Five Days in Saudi Arabia?

After all the efforts and waiting, at last, I’m in Saudi Arabia. Congratulations to me! I now belonged to the statistics of the Overseas Filipino Workers, the so-called “new heroes” of our nation.

Now, I’m sitting in my bed inside my apartment, the air-conditioning is helping me to forget that I’m in the middle of the desert.

As of this very moment that I’m typing on my tablet, the time was past eight in the morning. All of us six Filipinos living together in one Arabian roof finished eating our breakfast.

What to do next?

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This Is What Waiting to Work in Saudi Arabia for the First Time Means

So it’s true! Five is easier than two, huh?. I mean, five days rather than two days a week of writing is easier. The reason might be because of the cut from momentum. It was hard to write again after days of delays.

I always have a good night’s sleep, but not this past three days. I’m preoccupied of my upcoming flight this Sunday going to Saudi Arabia.

The urgency gave me a good reason to start typing now.

I love to think that I’m just going on vacation. I wish I’m just taking a holiday trip to enjoy the culture of the Arabs. But it’s not. I have to work there for a two-year contract.

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How to Take Writing as Art and Proofreading as Science?

I’m an avid reader. I also love to listen to Audiobooks and podcast. Currently, I’m in paradise because I have all the time in the world to absorb ideas from books and audio teachings. This morning I just read an e-book from Leah McClellan entitled “The Simple Writing Writer’s Guide.”

With the subtitle “A Handy Reference For Punctuation and Grammar.” Reading that title and subtitle, I know I found what I’m looking for.

If you want the free e-book, you can go to This is a gem for beginners like me.

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How to Escape the Addiction of Online Gaming?

When I was a first grader, I already learned how to play video games. We are not rich and we don’t own a family computer — a game console that the people within my age only might know.

In my country, the Philippines, the only sign that a child like me would consider you are in a wealthy family is when you own a game console. Specifically, I considered those who owned a family computer. I was also envious of kids who had Nintendo Gameboy, the fulfillment of all my childhood dreams.

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