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Month: September 2014

The 12 Reasons You’re Not Writing Besides Writer’s Block

Since yesterday I was watching anime to relax. I know I can and I should write. Having all the time in the world, why I didn’t write?

The truth is I have written something hours before this blog post. I did the digital journaling with Diaro app on my tablet. I didn’t write yesterday, I read books from Austin Kleon entitled “Show Your Work” and “Steal Like An Artist” instead.

I want to honor myself by relaxing through reading and watching anime. I just want to enjoy myself. To come back to my senses in writing, I thought so.

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Why You Should Continue Writing Even Without Earnings From It?

Just write. Show up. Daily if you can. That’s the only way to be a writer.

“Start before you’re ready. Good things happen when we start before we’re ready.” — Steven Pressfield

Five years ago I attended an Internet Marketing Workshop. I know what the internet is, so as what marketing is. I thought I could grasp easily the concept of internet marketing. I realized it was further from the truth.

Being someone with abysmally low self-worth, I expect I could earn online. I dreaded tremendous effort. I just want to earn money while being anonymous at the same time.

I’m one of the best targets for the deceit of being wealthy like in lotto. Zero effort riches. I just learned those lotto jackpots brought unfortunate consequences to many. For some, they just go back to life before they’ve won the winning number combinations. Much worse for some — they lost their family and sanity. I don’t want to be in a get-rich-quick craze anymore.

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